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Amanase Organic Macadamia (limited edition) Amanase Organic Macadamia (limited edition)

Organic Macadamia salted caramel in 80% dark chocolate

Sale price6,50€(6,50€/100g)
Amanase Organic Macadamia | Zero waste glassAmanase Organic Macadamia | Zero waste glass

Organic macadamia in 80% dark chocolate

Sale priceFrom 15,50€(7,75€/100g)
Faire Cashews mit Schokolade, handgemacht in Ghana – Vegan und BioHandmade Cashews Coated in Chocolate – Vegan Organic Fair

Organic cashews in 80% dark chocolate

Sale priceFrom 14,50€ (7,00€/100g)
Sold out
Amanase Bio Vegane Handgefertigte Haselnüsse aus Ghana – FairAmanase Bio Vegane Handgefertigte Haselnüsse aus Ghana – Fair

Organic hazelnuts in 80% dark chocolate

Sale price14,50€(7,25€/100g)
Vegane Faire Bioschokolade Mandeln aus Ghana – HandgefertigtVegane und Faire Amanase Mandeln mit Schokolade – Handmade in Ghana

Organic almonds in 80% dark chocolate

Sale priceFrom 14,50€ Regular price17,50€(7,00€/100g)
Amanase organic almonds Amanase organic almonds

Organic almonds in 80% dark chocolate and cocoa powder

Sale price6,50€(6,50€/100g)
Handgefertigte Cashews mit Schokolade aus Ghana – Vegan Bio FairFaire Cashews aus Ghana – Überzogen mit dunkler veganer Schokolade

Organic cashews in 80% dark chocolate and a baobab finish

Sale price12,50€(5,00€/100g)
Sold out
Amanase Bio-Haselnüsse | SnackboxAmanase Bio-Haselnüsse | Snackbox

Bio-Haselnüsse in 80% Zartbitterschokolade und Kakaopuder

Sale price6,50€(6,50€/100g)
Amanase Bio-Cashews | SnackboxAmanase Bio-Cashews | Snackbox

Bio-Cashews in 80% Zartbitterschokolade und Baobab finish

Sale price6,50€(6,50€/100g)

Nut your average nuts.

Nuts and chocolate belong together like enjoyment and sustainability. That's why we only use natural organic ingredients and a touch of love to really pamper your palate.

Organic chocolate-covered nuts

Whether almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts or cashews - our nuts are all organic and covered in fine, bitter dark chocolate. Snacked on quicker than you can say 'That's nuts'.

Unique in taste, unique in impact

Our chocolate-covered nuts are produced in our chocolate school in Ghana. In this way, we create new training and jobs in the country of origin. With the support of European chocolatiers, all of the chocolate know-how is transferred to where the chocolate comes from. Unlike other chocolate manufacturers, we can therefore keep an enormous and important part of the added value in Ghana.

Very fast delivery, super good quality, the chocolate and the macadamia were of very good quality. The glass packaging made my day. I will order from you again, for sure!


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Great products! You can tell that these are not classic mass-produced goods, but rather hand-crafted delicacies. Once you start, you won't want to stop. The almonds in chocolate or the dried and chocolate-covered fruits are particularly recommended at the moment. And the "sin" is sweetened by the fact that the value creation takes place entirely in Ghana. Also great.


I was immediately convinced - both by the taste of the chocolate-covered hazelnuts and by the purpose of Amanase! I will definitely order again ❤️‍🔥